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Let's Get Your House Sold, if that is what you want, but this site is way more than just about selling your house, please take a gander and discover all that awaits you to help you with your perfect home style. Here are our houses for sale. 

buy with no credit is about how to purchase houses or property with no credit downThere are decorating ideas for you to make the most of your house if you are selling or you just need a quick fix to make your home look great to get that sale. 

If you cannot sell your house at the moment then why not check out our page on making money with your house to bring in some cash now.

  • Home Staging to some people may seem like a stupid idea, but believe me it works.  You have to take a fresh eye and look around your space and style it the best way you can.  Even if this just means de-cluttering – and most people don’t even do this when they put their house up for sale.  I have seen so many pictures of houses for sale and I cannot believe what they leave out when the pictures are being taken!!! 


Untidy kitchen cupboard the photograph the estate agents took of this kitchen.
These two pictures above are of an expensive bungalow on the best road in the area and look how they have been left for the photographs!!!  The mess in the corner unit in the kitchen - this could have been avoided if just a moment had been taken to 'see' the mess.  The bedroom picture with all that clutter at the end of the bed - it does make me wonder what the estate agent was thinking taking this picture!!!  Would you have taken a picture of this nature if you wanted to sell your bungalow which is on the market for £212,000.00?  I don't think so...

kitchen with washing on line
Also - check out the washing left out on this line!!!! This just ruins the picture of this kitchen.  Wake up people!!!!  And tidy up before the estate agent comes around......

Paints for various jobs including feature walls only.
You only get one chance to make a first impression.  Make it the best impression you possible can – so tidy that crap up!!! 

 Here at Bargain Houses For Sale, our goal is to help you sell your house quickly and for the best price possible.  I will give you hints, tips and ideas to style your home to attract a wide variety of buyers.  Or if you just would like to make the most of the home you have - check out our pages here for all the information you will need. 


Please keep checking back as we will be adding much more home style and great information and ideas for you.


  •  Hi and welcome I am so pleased you are visiting, please browse around my pages, you may be surprised what you find!!  We have some houses for sale and also growing pages of great ideas, hints, tips about everything to do with your property, so keep checking back for our updates.   

  • Please wander around these pages, check out my Blog on various topics and how we got on renovating our latest project or just tell me your story about how you came to be interested in property. 

All the information and advice here at Bargain Houses For Sale is free so if you would like to make a donation towards this site then please feel free.  All donations will be welcome. Many thanks.



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